S/S 2016 - YEMANJA Collection

Magda Gomes Beachwear spring summer 2016 collection pays homage to one of the most powerful and beautiful Brazilian deities, Yemanja goddess of the sea.

Yemanja like Venus loves all things beautiful and Brazilians celebrate her presence every December 31 by offering her an ocean filled with gifts like white flowers and candles hoping she will bless them with protection for the coming year.

The collection celebrates the goddess in every woman by using fresh prints and captivating details combined with a solid yet simple color palate. All things that resonate Yemanja's beauty, strength and natural allure.

Baby Girl

Yemanj√°, the Brazilian deity who is the inspiration behind Magda Gomes Spring Summer 2016 also represents the essence of motherhood. With this idea in mind, the baby girl collection was born mirroring some of the key looks from the main line along with pieces designed to protect young skin from the elements. This deliciously divine collection meets the needs of both form and function with an aesthetic that is pure and simply beautiful.


The goddess of beauty Yemanj√°, the inspiration for the Magda Gomes Spring Summer 2016 collection has given life to a mesmerizing accessory collection that truly celebrates the beauty of all that lives in the sea. With exclusive pieces hand crafted by masterful Italian artisans, this exquisite offering of rings, bracelets earrings and headpieces, also embodies the concept of luxury with just the right touch of whimsy.